Should I give up work for a professional poker game?

Many people dream to get away from their jobs to start playing poker professionally or, in other words, to play it for full-time.
A considerable number of players believe that poker is their ticket to a life full of freedom, where they can print money somewhere in the sunny seaside. However, in most cases, such representation is far from reality. In fact, poker is one of the hardest professions for people’s brain, and emotions.
Anyway, before you make a serious step on the road to professional employment in poker, let me tell you what is really like poker as a full-time job.
It is extremely difficult to play poker to pay for everything you need
It is extremely difficult to become a player who wins in the long term and, therefore, it is hard begin paying your bills by money, which you got from poker. If poker was actually so easy, then, believe me, everyone would start playing it! Regardless of whether you play poker online or offline, in the current realities of the poker game it is not so much easy to win money, as it was ten years ago. If a decade ago you could meet at the table a player, who absolutely do not understand anything (even the rules!), then today you can hardly find this person.
Do not misunderstand me. Of course, today there are still players who feel that they are playing well, but they do not. Here I am talking about the fact that today it is much more difficult to find ridiculous drunk tourists or recreational players online, playing 80% of hands, than in the golden poker season. To put it another way, the average level of players has grown significantly.
When you earn solely through the game, then every bad beat of mad player will be a reason for pain and frustration in your heart. In addition, since professional poker players are by nature very competitive, it is especially difficult for them to deal with undeserved loses. So, I do not really recommend you to start playing poker professionally.